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We live in a go-go-go society these days, rewarding those who work the longest and fastest. Unfortunately, we only have 24 hours each day. It seems like there’s never enough time to do it all! Add trying to start or maintain a healthy lifestyle, and it’s no wonder things start sliding into the “not a priority” pile. Often the first thing to go is eating healthy.

Who has time to scroll through Pinterest for meal ideas, create a meal plan, figure our how many calories you need, read the article on how much protein you really need, go wait in line at the grocery store, sit in traffic, lug all those bags inside and then cook? Then you have to add those calories into My Fitness Pal, figure out a macro cap, and still have time to exercise and live your life. the truth is, if you don’t have time to cook those protein pancakes you found on Instagram because you have to be at work at 5 am for a 10 hour shift, then you’re probably going to swing by Dunkin’ Donuts and grab a high calorie coffee drink and maybe a bagel, too.

It’s true that eating healthier when you’re short on time can be a bit of a challenge. If you just barely have enough time on your lunch break to eat, you’re likely not going to sit in your car with a calorie counter and figure out the most balanced option for your goals. The good news is that there ARE ways to fit healthy eating into your lifestyle. All it takes is a little planning and a little compromise — but it can be done! Here’s how:

  1. Compromise some variety. The easiest way to make life easier is to minimize your choices to cheat. Choose one breakfast you can grab and go each morning like overnight oats or a shake. If you have a few minutes, maybe you really love having your bacon and eggs each morning. Whatever you choose, that’s always your breakfast. You can do the same thing for lunch, too. Every lunch during the workweek, throw together a turkey wrap. Or a chicken salad. Some people like to cook dinner each night, so you can leave that open. Or maybe nights are your hectic time, in that case, make a list of 1-5 choices for easy to cook dinners and cycle through those options. Maybe three nights a week you choose steak and potatoes and three nights a week it’s chicken with broccoli. One night a week is pizza with a side salad.
    The trade-off: this way of eating is simplified to the point of being boring. You still have to make time to cook and plan these meals.
  2. Compromise some time. Whether you have chosen to simplify your meals to a few choices or if you still like the variety of different meals each day, another great way to make sure you eat healthy throughout the week is to spend a few hours every Sunday to cook in advance. This method of batch cooking can be very useful. Cook all your proteins for the week, then you will only need to change up the sides when it’s time for a meal. You can cook your veggies and carbs too if you set aside more time to meal plan. If you don’t like week old food, try cooking your meals every three days or twice a week.
    The trade-off: this will require organization and time on your part to create a meal plan, organize a shopping list, and skill in the kitchen to be more efficient. You’ll also need enough containers and ad space in the fridge to cook food this way.
  3. Invest in a meal prep service. If you don’t want to sacrifice time or taste, then give Edibolic Kitchen a try. We cook, package and deliver all meals to your door, from tasty protein packed breakfasts to delicious and balanced lunches and dinners. We have specials each week to prevent boredom with restaurant quality meals. We even assist with meal planning so no matter what your goal is, we can cook for you. On a budget? We can find the right solution for you. Everyone can afford to eat better. We even have the option to buy in bulk, which is extremely cost-effective. Check out our new menu and give us a call or email.
    The trade-off: you’ll be spending money on a service that can help you reach your goals. There might be a delivery fee. Your grocery bill will be smaller, and you don’t have to clean dirty dishes. Oh, and you will need to buy smaller pants.

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