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Ginger-Lemon Cod
Ginger-lemon cod served with garlic roasted broccoli and rice pilaf.

Reg- 470 Calories P: 47g C: 53g F: 7g

Lean-  260 Calories P: 25g C: 32g F: 4g fiber-6g sugar-2g

Nashville Style Chicken Burger

Lean chicken burger topped with a spicy Nashville hot sauce.  Served with baked russet fries and a creamy coleslaw.

Reg- Calories 500 Protein 57 Carbs 38 Fat 15 Sugars (g) 9

Lean- Calories 350 Protein 38 Carbs 15 Fat 7 Sugars (g) 4

Bacon Potato Omelete

All your favorite ingredients in one omelet.

450 Calories; 43g P’ 15g fat; 33 carbs

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