How it Works

We generally like to work 7-10 days in advance, but feel free to inquire about an event coming up sooner and we’ll make every effort to accommodate. Depending on the specifics and our staffing, a rush charge may apply. We ask for two weeks for off-menu items.

We can prepare a nice corporate lunch for $16-22 per head. Special discounts apply for volume and/or frequency.

Just like at home, it’s a simple matter of combining one of our popular Lean Proteins with Veggies and Complex Carbs. This makes for a balanced meal that will give your team an immediate flavor reward combined with sustained energy throughout the day.

We accept all standard forms of payment. Payment is required in advance. 

Be sure you receive a confirmation email from us, because that is your assurance that you will be served on the desired date.

Edibolic Kitchen