“When you eat well, you feel well.”

Our CEO: At a young age, Josh Wechsler was passionate about making the people around him happy and healthy. With a vision of becoming an entrepreneur, he started working towards this goal at just 16.

Recognizing the power of good food to unite people and enhance their wellbeing, Josh began crafting gourmet meals for friends and family, blending exceptional taste with balanced nutrition. This passion led him to found Edibolic Kitchen, a gourmet meal prep and delivery service.

“In the beginning, it was the gyms,” Josh recalls, referring to the company’s launch in Fall 2014 with support from local businesses catering to active lifestyles. “Now, we’re here for everybody.”

Based in West Haven, Edibolic Kitchen has expanded along the I-95 corridor and up to Hartford, serving busy professionals and families who seek convenience without compromising on quality. With a customer-focused approach, Josh continues to see his business as a dream that keeps coming true. Edibolic Kitchen is committed to providing gourmet, nutritious meals that fit seamlessly into the lives of its clients, helping them feel their best every day.

Edibolic Kitchen