The most affordable way to feed your employees, customers & tenants

Edibolic Kitchen fresh kiosk allows your team to purchase fresh food anytime. The small size means they can be embedded in any space.

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Copy of Edibolic fresh fridge (40 × 30 cm)

How It Works

  • Healthy, fresh & delicious grab & go meals available right in your apartment complex or corporate office.
  • A large variety of fresh entrees, salads, wraps, snacks & drinks
  • Convenient 24 hour access
  • Realtime tracking of stock to ensure freshness & availability
  • Zero maintenance required by facility, fully serviced by Edibolic Kitchen

Swipe. Grab. Go.
It’s that easy

With the swipe or tap of a card, the kiosk unlocks – and the customer is able to touch a product before buying. Once the door is closed, the kiosk automatically knows what was taken. Customers enter their email to receive a receipt, where they are able to provide feedback and rate their purchase.

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