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Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese – Lean

Dive into a harmonious fusion of flavors with our indulgent yet guilt-free buffalo chicken mac and cheese, crafted to perfection. Tender pieces of succulent chicken are delicately coated in zesty buffalo sauce, adding a tantalizing kick to every bite. Paired with our signature creamy macaroni and cheese, each forkful promises a symphony of cheesy goodness. Complementing this rich delight is our roasted garlic broccoli, oven-charred to perfection to bring out its natural sweetness, and infused with aromatic garlic for an extra layer of depth. Satisfy your cravings without compromise with this wholesome, portion-controlled masterpiece.


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Nutrition Facts



35g 70%


31g 10%


13g 20%


  • Calories380
  • Protein35g
  • Carbs31g
  • Fat13g
  • Sugar4g
  • Fiber4g
  • Sodium1620g


Poultry chicken thigh boneless skinless, Broccoli, Pasta Penne whole wheat, Cheddar cheese sauce, Lowfat Milk 1%, Canola Oil, Sauce buffalo hot, Garlic Fresh, Kosher salt

How to prepare

microwave image

Microwave 2.5-3 minutes at 50% power

oven image

Place fries and burger on a pan, heat oven to 350 F. Bake items for 2 minutes on each side.

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