Clean eating can be a challenge when it comes to meal prep. It is easy to get stuck in the cycle of making the same three meals every week. However, there are so many healthy and delicious options out there! This blog post offers some great ideas for clean eating that you can incorporate into your diet.

Healthy meal ideas for clean eating are not difficult when we think outside the box! Check out these great recipes today to find a new inspiration!

Breakfast: eggs on an English muffin with a slice of cheese. This takes less than five minutes to make and will last for about three days in the fridge.

Lunch: tuna salad sandwich made with cucumbers, red onion, celery, and mayonnaise from homemade eggless mayo. It is always fun to experiment!

Dinner: chicken spaghetti squash casserole recipe I really enjoy making this dish because it’s easy and healthy – you can substitute any veggies that you like in your cooking process as well!

Check out these great dinner options below:

  • Chicken Spaghetti Squash Casserole Recipe – This dish will not only be delicious, but you’ll also feel full with all of that spaghetti squash in your stomach. It can also make up two servings so if you have any leftovers they won’t go to waste! 
  • Tuna Salad Sandwich Recipe- Try this quick recipe today for lunch or even as a snack! All you need is an English muffin sliced in half, tuna canned from water (not oil ), and finely chopped red onion.
  • Balsamic Chicken Marinade Recipe- This is a great marinade recipe because it’s so easy to make! All you need are balsamic vinegar, olive oil, dijon mustard, salt & pepper for an amazing piece of protein like chicken breasts or a pork loin roast.
  • Chicken Stir Fry with Fresh Vegetables Recipe – A delicious dish that can be made from almost any vegetable (except potatoes) in your fridge. The best way this meal works out is if the vegetables get sautéed first before adding your protein at the end – typically some sort of meat or tofu/tempeh mixture would work well here too!
  • Hot Buffalo Tofu Sandwich Recipe- For the hot buffalo tofu sandwich recipe, the tofu gets mixed with hot sauce, and then is cooked on a pan until you can see it has browned. Then this is served between two slices of vegan bread to make a delicious sandwich.

What meals are good for meal prep?

One of the best ways to create healthy and delicious food is by incorporating a variety of different ingredients into your diet. This can be done most efficiently by preparing large batches at once with some weekly meal prepping in mind.

This will help you avoid eating the same thing day after day or week after month, which can lead to boredom and less appetite when it comes time to eat. It also means that throughout the workweek/month, you’ll have easy access to everything from breakfast through dinner without having too many leftovers sitting around waiting until their next use-by date passes.Here at Edibolic Kitchen, we make healthy recipes for you to fit your life! Contact us today to learn more about our clean eating recipes.

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